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Something We Haven’t Covered Yet

This may seem like a ridiculous thing to write about, especially coming from someone who is just wrapping up their senior year and should definitely have more to talk about than the campus pets.

Muskingum does not allow for students to have pets in the dorms or houses on campus, and it is for this reason that the campus ducks have become so fond among the students.

They are our pets. And we love them.

This may seem ridiculous, but they are very docile and many will nearly eat right out of your hands. (they love bread and teddy Graham’s)

But they also provide us entertainment, with my house being directly across from the campus lake, I myself have walked out on our front porch and to my surprise found a duck sitting there, just staring at me.

They also slow down traffic, because they are constantly meandering their way around campus, and they are never in a hurry.

If you hear a car honking, I’d be willing to bet $5 that a duck is in the road.

These little ducks have provided me with much fun and entertainment over four years, and a nice get away to sit by the pond and feed them.

So when you come to campus, keep an eye out for them!


Happy Wednesday!


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