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My last Wednesday

Where do I even begin to talk about all the things I wish I would’ve had more Wednesday’s for.

You never envision yourself as the senior, you’re always the underclass men who never really sees the end in sight, these four years, to you, are endless.

And then, it happens one summer, between your junior and senior year that the next time you begin doing things, that they will be your last, and everything is finally put into perspective.

Five years ago I was more concerned with prom and high school graduation, two things of which I was convinced would never be trumped by any other monumental moment in my life.

And here I am today, graduating in a few short days from a private university in the foothills of Appalachia, wishing so desperately for just one more week, semester, even year to do everything else I could’ve or should’ve but didn’t have the time.

It’s humbling. To say the least.

These last four years of mine have been completely devoted to this little college on a hill, with countless activities, Greek life and even working here through the summer, and I don’t think I could’ve ever gotten any better sense of home away from home had I hand picked and decorated it myself.

Muskingum has become everything to me, and I couldn’t be more blessed for the opportunities that I have been given while here. Aside from that, the devotion and support of the faculty and staff is absolutely unmatched, you cannot imagine compassion like theirs, but they have it, and the willingness to help every single one of the Muskies here have been made better because of these people.

My friends, sisters and I joke that we aren’t ready for the real world, and in many ways, we are still very young and have a lot to learn still, but at the same time, Muskingum has become the perfect launch pad for us, and saying that “I’m a Muskie” really does hold some leverage.

I cannot tell you where I will go from here, how I’ll get there, or what I’ll end up doing, but I can thank Muskingum for all that’s in store for me.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my blog every Wednesday and getting to know my version of Muskingum, because I have really enjoyed writing this weekly.

There could just never be enough Wednesday’s to really share how incredible my experience was at Muskingum.

“it’s not four years, it’s for life”

M-U-S With A-K!
Katie Day


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