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As a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, one of the sororities on campus, I was fairly busy in the weeks approaching homecoming. We performed a skit for Varsity Revue, a talent show that takes place during homecoming weekend. The skit was called “Little Orphan Alpha” and ended up going really well. The member of our group that played Orphan Alpha even died her hair red!

Orphan Alpha

We also competed in the banner competition, tying for first! This was my committee, so I put a lot of time and effort into the banner–along with the other members on my committee. We were really happy when it turned out so well! Below is a picture. The theme was making HiSTORY, with an emphasis on our story. As an organization, the Phoenix is a part of history, so we included that with our crest. I’m really happy about how it turned out. Below is a picture of the committee and the banner.


We were also in the homecoming parade. While we didn’t qualify for the float competition, we all had a fun time riding on a fire truck! I absolutely loved the experience and I enjoyed smiling and waving at all of the people in the community as we passed. parade

As if that wasn’t enough to make for an excellent homecoming, one of my sisters won homecoming Queen! We’re all very proud of her.


And to top it all off, some of our members got their photo taken with President Anne Steele at the homecoming football game! The ladybug costume is because the ladybug is our mascot.

Anne Steele

Overall, it was a really exciting experience. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to be so involved with Alpha Sigma Alpha and the homecoming process. We had a lot of fun!



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