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Busy, busy!

Hello everyone!
It’s been a pretty hectic week for me and many other Muskies who are trying to figure out what classes they’re taking next semester. As I sat down to figure out what classes I still needed, I realized that I had enough room to add two minors. So in addition to my majors (English and Digital Media Design) I’ll also have a Psychology and History minor! Multiple majors and minors is a fairly common thing here at Muskingum. The neat thing about it being a liberal arts school is that a lot of the classes you’ll take to fulfill LAE requirements–which are a list of choices you have to complete before graduating, such as science, math, writing courses, etc.–often help you fulfill various major and minor requirements. In many cases, as well, classes can count in two different areas of study. Many of my English courses, for example, count towards my Digital Media Design major. This helps free up my schedule for additional classes, which is how I’m able to complete two minors.
This is a really great thing about Muskingum because after you graduate and you’re looking for a job, having multiple majors and minors will really set you apart from other potential employees. In this economy, every little thing to make you stand out as the best choice out of any number of choices is a really valuable thing.
I register for classes Monday, so hopefully I’ll get all of the classes I want!

Hope your week is going great! (:



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