Rush ’13

Hey everybody!
I hope your week is going well. I’ve been incredibly busy with my Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters working on rush parties!
We’ve had a lot of fun so far, and there are a lot of great girls that are interested in joining Greek life.
The benefit of Greek life here at Muskingum is that all of the organizations socialize with each other. You may join one sorority or fraternity, but you’ll probably have friends in all different organizations.
There are a lot of opportunities Greek life provides, too. Through ASA we do a lot of community service, we have social events, and we get to travel to our district days and other things through our nationals.
The best thing, though, is getting to know people that you can spend your time in college with. A lot has been said about how, when you finally figure out what sorority or fraternity you’re going to join, it’s like coming home.
I have the same sentiments. Greek life provides you with a family. It’s really a great feeling.
I have another party tonight to get ready for. (:
I hope everyone’s week goes well!



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