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Self-reliance I feel on campus

Before came to America, I took a class named “Social& Cultural of America” during the sophomore year.  I remembered we discussed what “American spirit” is.  The text book tells us that typical American spirits are “self-reliance, Independence, self confidence and hard working etc”.

To be honest, I don’t understand what “self-reliance” means until coming here. I thought I’m already “self-reliance”, but you may not believe, I never had any jobs before, let alone paying tuition by myself or living by myself.

I was shocked and felt so guilty to know that almost none of Americans relay on their parents above 18 years old. I’m already 22, treated it’s reasonable to get money from parents every month, sometimes even bargaining about should give me more or less.

Goodness, it should no longer be taken for granted!!

I find there are thousands of job positions are waiting for you on campus. Everybody can get a chance to involve in a job. So don’t worry about couldn’t find a job or something, such works as general hand in theater, postmen in mail room, positions in coffee house. So many opportunity you can start your first step to be self-reliance! If you are international student, you can only work on campus because of your visa type. If you’re native, wow, it’s freedom to work everywhere.

On the one hand, having jobs can get payment so you can pay for your tuition or something. But on the other hand, try to find balance between working and study. Study is really not a easy thing in University. When you try to be self-reliance, don’t forget your career at the same time.

So, that’s all about today’s blog. I’ll post some photos about working on campus next time. Hope every body has a good day~

Show my respects to American spirit!


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