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The Quest to Be Snatched.

My weight is something I’ve struggled with since I started college.  With the stress of being a nursing major as well as the independence of being on my own, the prospect of diet and exercise had slowly been tossed out the window and replaced with Domino’s, Chipotle , the Winn Cafe and the occasional trip to Olive Garden. Though my taste buds were graciously thanking me, my body was not so nice.

Over time, my clothes had fit tighter, simple walks to classes on the Quad felt never ending, and After about two and a half years with having a yo-yo weight and a not so healthy diet  , I made up in my mind to get healthier before I walk across the stage in May to receive my diploma.  Last Thursday, I attended Zumba for the first time in about two years and boy , was I sore afterwards! I was cool the first day, but the next two days after, my body felt like complete Jell-o. I remember distinctively shuffling to the Quad for my 1:00 Friday class, wincing with each step because I was in so much pain. The entire time, I kept thinking: “Geez, why did I let myself get so fat?” Now, my plan is not to be all ripped and cut like some bodybuilder, but I would like to fit my jeans a little more comfortably or wear that cute blue dress shirt I haven’t worn in years. With classes like Zumba, kickboxing and PiYo (the last two were just recently added), hopefully I can get there.

SO remember kids: if you have to rationalize why you should or should not eat that last slice of meat lover’s pizza despite the five you’ve already eaten or if your favorite jeans leave nice little reddened button impressions after wearing them,  it might just be time for a change



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