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Test Time Management

I have my first test my week. Three of them, actually.

Luckily, though, none of them happened to be on the same day, which has made things a little bit easier for me. I was also fortunate enough that I finished most of my other homework for classes as well. In theory, this should be giving me more time to study but the reality is always a little bit different.

The story of my life can be easily summarized into “this should have been easy but life got in the way.” I think this applies for most of us. We get to a place where we can feel secure, and then life decides that maybe we shouldn’t feel so secure anymore.

My bumps have been (also luckily) little bumps. A major responsibility of mine for the past few weeks has been managing events for Anime Club, and this weeks is no exception. I’ve been trying to make sure everything’s in place for this weekend, which can get kind of stressful. My computer decided to stop running Microsoft Word for no real reason. The sudden cold of winter hasn’t been helping my motivation either.

I like to think that these things haven’t slowed me down too much. They’ve been easily frustrating pit stops with easy enough solutions: share some of the duties with my fellow officers, reinstalling the program, don’t work in my room where it mysteriously is at least twenty degrees colder than the off-and-on hot/cold weather outside (or at least pile up with blankets).

In the end, all it takes is a step back to calm down before all you end up doing is getting frustrated instead of focusing on something important.

With that in mind, I should probably stop using work as an excuse to procrastinate on reviewing material for my grammar test in the morning.


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