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International communication-Lanzhou University’s president visit Muskingum University

The most exciting thing for me this week is the president of my home university (Lanzhou University) visit Muskingum University!

About one month ago, I met Janet during lunch. She asked me if I have interest to have lunch with both of the presidents when home university’s president coming here. “Yes!!” I answered.,“It’s such a big pleasure for me to have a chance to meet both presidents together !”

Before they coming here, I talked to some of friends and asked if they would like to go to Lanzhou University as exchange student for one year. I find most of the American students know nothing about China but have strong curiosity on China ! They feel it’s really cool to go aboard studying, especially to a country with the history of 5000 years!

The day was coming. Professor Sun, Hong and us three exchange students showed campus around them. As Lanzhou University has students nearly 10 times as Muskingum does(because China’s population is 7 times than America’s.), the presidents of Lanzhou university really feel that American students can use such a wide range of resource and feel it’s really amazing!

The lunch time I have a pleasure to sit with both of presidents. I feel flattered that Muskingum University’s president even know my name even we just meet the first time! I promise even my home university’s president don’t know my name. That makes me really feel impressed.

I think student who can have a chance to study abroad can feel totally different atmosphere and culture. Nowadays country and country need international talk often. Then we can learn the advantages and disadvantages ourselves and improve a lot in a short time!

  Hope there be a program that American students can go to China, at that time I can be your tour guide!


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