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Play With Kids

This week really busy week for me. I had two exams in one day, so I spent whole night to studying.

I am an education major, so we have field trip every semester. On Tuesday, we went to the National Road Elementary School to teach second grade kids science.  Our goal is to let kids know the temperatures are different between under the shadow and the ground. First, we let the kids fill out their science books. What do they think the temperature is under the shadow; is that colder than ground? Most of the kids know that the shadow should be colder, but some of them do not know. They think same, so we explained to them, and then we let the students go outside, use the thermometer to measure the temperature. They are very cute, and we divided them into four small groups. Two groups measured the temperature under the tree, the other measured the temperature under the ground.  We went to there from 9 to 10, so the temperature did not have huge different, but the kids still got the idea.

That was fun, working with kids, and I like the education here and that is the reason why I chose the education major here. In China, we do not have much hands-on work; we know everything through the text book. But here, my teacher told to me we should let students touch it, let them do it.  The kids learn stuff not only by reading, also by hands-on work.  Another things I like is that the teacher always encourages students to do something, not said they cannot do something. That gives me confidence.

So, remember, next time when you want to explain there are different temperatures between shadow and ground, chose a nice day.



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