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Conference and BBQ


Last Friday, I had been to Ms. Tomlinson’s speech.  She is the professor of the University of Virginia.  I have learned lots of new stuff from that speech.

The topic is differentiation and the brain: rational and practice.  Through the speech, the main idea is the educator should know what students need to learn, how they will show what they have learned in order to increase the likelihood that each student will learn as much as he or she can, as efficiently as possible. First, the teacher should give students first orientation, and let them find a way to learn.  So the teacher needs to discover ways to better meet the needs of increasingly divers students.  After the teacher learns more about how the brain learns, they should find a way that approaches to differentiation, and uses the knowledge of educational neuroscience to teach students to learn.

Teachers should pave the way: mindset-connections-community to learning.  First, teacher should let students know who they are, to shape student self-perception.  And where they learn, how can they learn, and think “I” teach “I” believe you can learn. Different students have different ways to learn, some of them are good at math, and some of them are good at science.  So when connecting with kids, know who they are. And find approaches to differentiation, teach kids how to learn more, and better.

Teachers must distinguish between what the students know, what they should be able to do, and understand. Give them feedback not just grades. Before a unit begins give them pre-assignment, let them connect what they know, what should they learn. Teachers need to respond to student interests, not only study by reading a book.

Create a positive and productive learning environment. I really like the video she has showed to us, and I remember a sentence: “ look your right/ left.. Do not focus who you are. We want all students graduated. Students support each other, create environment can help students learn and study.” Good environment is really important to students; small group instruction can be a powerful way to differentiate.

And we have BBQ on Sunday!!! I LIKE THAT.


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