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How to Spot a Nursing Major in Ten Ways

Many people (myself included) have used the qualities that others have to form preconceived notions about who thy are as people : Girls that wear a ton of makeup are slutty, guys that actually treat women well are considered gay and the list goes on. College majors, however, are not as easy to pin onto people. However, there are some majors that are fairly easier to single out in a group. One of those would happen to be nursing. The scent a nursing major is about as strong as the cheap perfume that Aunt Betty wears all the time: one sniff and you just know what you’re dealing with.  But  for those whose major detector may be a little off , I’m gonna give you  a few helpful tips that can help you all spot a nursing major on campus out of the kindness of my lovely heart:

12. Their notes look like a bag of Skittles from all the high lighting.

11. They’re lucky if they get six hours of sleep a night (gotta love those under eye bags!)

10. You find them spending their Saturday studying 350 pages for a 20 question quiz or a 50 question exam.

9. Getting up for clinical allows them  to see the sunrise about as much as roosters on a farm.

8. Friends may ask them what a vaginal mesh is or what to do when a mysterious rash appears.

7. They’ll use hand sanitizer after touching virtually ANYTHING.

6.When they start to get sick, they’ll look up their symptoms and attempt to self diagnose.

5.  They’ll begin referring what they learn in lecture to an episode of either Grey’s Anatomy, ER or House.

4. 9 am is considered “sleeping in” in their world. True story.

3. They may need to purchase about six books for one class.

2.They may use up all of their print balance within the first two weeks because of all the power points for lectures.

and 1. They’ll receive the greatest amount of joy from helping other people 🙂

Well, Friends, I hope that these tips make your Major Scavenger Hunt just a little bit easier! Enjoy your day!



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