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Relaxation Recharge

I’ve been starting to feel the pressure form the semester coming on. Even though fall break is coming up this weekend, I needed some time to relax so that I could keep myself focused on the assignments that have been due this week. So I gave myself an early fall break of sorts.

I started the weekend out with our Brony Club meeting, which was a lot of fun as usual. We even put a few teams together of our members and competed in the Bananastavaganza event. I didn’t realize that we had to eat the sundaes without our hands, though! Neither of our teams won, but we all had a lot of fun. I even managed not to make too much a mess of myself, but my other teammates weren’t quite as lucky.

Saturday Anime Club hosted our Animepalooza event, which I’ve been putting a lot of time into lately. We watched the movie Summer Wars, which was really great! I hadn’t seen it before, but I enjoyed myself. We watched the original Japanese audio, so I hope to check out the English dub sometime! We also had a prize giveaway which went really well too! We were lucky enough to have a prize for everyone who showed up. I felt like the event went really well and hope that our potential Halloween event will go just as well!

Sunday I went back home to have a date with Gwen, my girlfriend of two years. We went to the Pumpkin Festival, which was fun since I wasn’t able to go last year. The weather was really nice, which was a bonus. We didn’t ride any rides but we ate a lot of fair food and had a great time together!

With that being said, only three more days of class until Fall Break starts. Hopefully even more recharge time will help me make it through the next chunk of the semester!


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