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Great Day to Be A Muskie

We all fall short to the infamous selfie. Myself representing Muskingum

We all fall short to the infamous selfie. Myself representing Muskingum

Today is one of those days, like many others, where being a Muskie makes me very happy. Something that is great about Muskingum is the opportunity to be involved.

Since my freshman year I have been involved with many things on campus that go along with the typical college experience such as Homecoming Committee, Pledging a Sorority, being a part of Student Senate, and many other things.

On a campus such as Muskingum’s, getting involved is easy. What I love about it here is that I have the power to create my own activities. Let me explain.

Myself along with five other Muskingum students have created a fundraiser as a part of our Small Group Communication class. We have given it the title of “Muskies for the Military” and in our hopes we will be able to conduct a 5k in order to raise funds to donate to active and veteran service members.

This project we have created because it hits close to home for some of us, who have loved ones that serve, including my Boyfriend.

I just had a meeting this morning with Gina Tamburro, the Coordinator of Student Involvement here at Muskingum. She has helped us kick start what we hope to be a very successful opportunity.

What is great is that I have the freedom to come on this campus and impact it just as it impacts me. As a student I’m given the ability to completely create something with just a few others that with work will turn into this great big opportunity that gets us involved, as well as other students, staff, and faculty of Muskingum as well as community members.

I consider this an advantage of a smaller school, but maybe I would have the chance to do similar things at another college.

My point is that what I know, is Muskingum has presented plenty of opportunity for me. In my opinion, and more importantly, it has empowered me to create me own. And that is what matters. Today it feels great to be a Muskie.

Have A Great Week!



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