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Get ready to enjoy your Fall Break!

This week is the busiest week I have ever had. I have three exams, two (Managerial accounting and Marketing) on Tuesday and one (Intermediate accounting) on Thursday.

College life is full of challenges in America. Since we usually have only one exam during a semester (the final one) in Chinese universities, the exams here make me feel overwhelmed. I stayed up late everyday this week and I found out I’ll at least take 40 tests during this academic year! I will have to work so hard so I can pass all these exams with high scores, especially as a student taking several accounting classes!

I finally finished all the exams today; suddenly I realize Fall Break is on its way!! Although I have been here for nearly 2 months, the only place I have visited is Muskingum and New Concord. But during Fall Break time I can begin my first travel in America. Can you guess where I would go on these days? It’s Washington, DC!

When I first heard US government shutdown and a lot of museums wouldn’t open during this period, I felt so disappointed because what I am really interested in are museums! But now I feel much better. I believe the atmosphere and scenery of Washington, DC now is so different from government-on time and this kind of situation is so seldom happened during American history! So I can enjoy the quiet and relaxed atmosphere there.

Most of my American classmates choose to go home during Fall Break while most of international students choose to travel around. This is a good chance for us international student  visit more place, feel more about customs and practices and know more about American culture.


Waiting for fall break coming and getting ready to enjoy the Fall Break time!


Everybody , have a good Fall Break!


2 Responses

  1. I would be interested in hearing how your DC trip was, since the shutdown was going on. I’m sure you had a nice break, but maybe you could let us know what it was like this week.

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