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Homecoming, that time of year

Autumn is my favorite season by far. The leaves changing color, the just perfect weather, the smell in the air, there is so much to appreciate about it. Muskingum in the fall is stunning, this time of year makes everything absolutely beautiful to look at.

Autumn also comes with many traditions. It is full of pumpkins, hayrides, pie, corn mazes, sweaters, football (Go Muskies!), and Homecoming. Homecoming is fast approaching on our Campus, and I am excited. What a great way to celebrate Autumn!

This week is full of festivities in honor of Homecoming. Maybe it is something in the air, but this is a truly enjoyable time for all. Tonight I am looking forward to the bonfire. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice fire?

Friday, it’s no secret the my sorority sisters of Chi Alpha Nu will be participating in Varsity Revue just like every year. Come and watch! A lot of groups on campus have out together acts in order to entertain.

On top of that, Saturday is jammed packed with events to celebrate Homecoming. I will be up bright and early to finish some last minute float construction before the parade, which is always rewarding. It is a great experience to drive through town as a part of the parade, interacting with the community and the campus.

It is also such a rewarding experience to meet and spend time with Alumni. From alumni who have recently graduated, it is good to see them again. However my favorite lies in , meeting and talking to Alumni who called Muskingum ‘home’ decades ago. They always have the good stories and memories. My, how things have progressed since then.

The best part of the day, and really what it is all about, is the Homecoming football game. I can not wait to support our fighting Muskies as the play against Otterbein University. Lets bring home a win!!


Myself with two of my Sorority Sisters at a fundraiser, and a view of Comin Street on campus

Have a great Week!



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