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Calculus and Cheesecake

Calculus and Cheesecake

Today was the first day back from fall break. Some returned refreshed, bubbling over with renewed energy from being able to rest over the weekend. I, however, trudged through the day as if I were not only wading through navel-high mud, but at the same time carrying a horse on my back while being quizzed on ancient Sumerian rituals.

You see, I have returned to a grim multitude of homework and tests. All sorts of them! Multiple choice, essay, analytical essay, and my favorite (note that this is said with MUCH sarcasm), math! Due to working over the weekend, I had forgotten the majority of it, and now I’m being slapped in the face with them all at once. This is fine, though. I’m sure I’m not alone – I’m just being a pessimist because I only slept a few hours last night. I’m taking a break from my usual clubs tonight so that I can focus and kick butt on this stuff.

To keep myself going through lack of sleep (I made the unfortunate mistake of staying awake until 2:30 last night), I will now fuel myself with some beautiful, sugary cheesecake; then, I will stare at this calculus and hope it absorbs into my brain by nine Friday morning.

Have a good week, everyone. šŸ™‚


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