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My trip to Washington DC

Hi everyone,

My blog finally get the first comment from Kari, who have interest to know more about details of my trip in Washington DC! I’m so excited and really would like to share my trip with all of you!

Day 1

.        first day - road sign

After 7 hours’ drive, we finally see the road sign of Washington  How excited I am at that time!  Dear Capital, here I come!


.Went to Chinatown at night. Chinatown exist in every big city in  America. But Chinese people here seldom speak Mandarin. They speak either English or  Cantonese.

Day 2

We began our trip on the  second day. Although government shutdown, a great number of  tourists still here from all over the world. Not like Ohio, people speak English with all kinds of accents in WashingtonDC  which made me even harder to understand.  On that day, we visited famous places like White House, Capitol Hill, WashingtonMonument.  I really feel the freedom atmosphere in front of  White House.  An old woman, an anti-war Protestors,  live in a tent beside White House for several years but no police disturb her. An old black man stand on the street in front of White house, reading Bible loudly about chapters of  protecting children  from hurt by the wars.

At that time, I suddenly feel the true meaning of American spirits—— freedom.  I believe only USA could stay in harmony with citizens who go against their government.   I believe those people do that just because they love their country!


Department of Treasury


Bus in WashingtonDC

capitol hill

Capitol Hill

capitol hill

Capitol Hill & me

Day 3

Government shut down led all the museums, libraries and several parks closed.   The photos are the signs indicates museums closed…

government shut down 2government shut down

Except crowded atmosphere at famous place, WashingtonDC is so quiet during government shut down time. We drove to a open space beside Washington airport.  It was  a beautiful afternoon with sunshine, airplanes were taken off and landing not far from us. Those were the most  low-flying airplanes I have ever seen.  A friend of mine said,  he loves airport because airplanes  takes away thousands of  stories. Every passenger has

his/her stories, every person who sent passengers off has his/ her stories too.   No matter happy or sorrow,  the airport hold those feelings and stories.

afternoon the night of airport

the low-flying airplane

airport when night comes


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update. I am sorry you didn’t get to go inside the smithsonian museums.

    • my mom would visit me during Winter Break, I need go DC again. So I still have chance! haha, thanks for having interest of my blog.

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