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Pokemon Trainers, One and All

So, besides from the obvious studying there has been one thing that has been eating up most of my time. And that thing is Pokemon.

Yeah, go for it. Laugh. But I’ve been a Pokemon fan since I was eight and I intend to stay this way for a very long time. So the fact that I got the newest version of the game the day after its international release is a first for me, as well as my first new Pokemon game purchased roughly around the year of its release since Diamond and Pearl came out in 2007.

Big gap here. I’ve at least kept up with the games in between. But there’s something terribly fun about getting a brand-new game and just playing through it as quickly as possible. Not to mention, as the first Pokemon game available on the 3DS a lot of new features are there too, which makes it amazingly fun.

So how does this play into my school life? For starters, I’ve been lucky enough to not have much work this week, and what little work I’ve had, the game has served as a good motivator to keep myself working just so I can go back to playing it. It’s been effective so far.

But what’s really important to me is the fact that this is the first time I’ve had friends to play the game with. After living in an area without many other gamers around, Muskingum has given me an opportunity to make friends with plenty of people that I can enjoy talking about the game with. We all went to buy the game together, and even got the special Pokemon together. The nerd/geek community here is really great and inclusive, so something as fun as playing games is even more enjoyable!

Now my friends all need to catch up with me so that I can win against them~


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