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Transfer Student Life

This is my 3rd college. Seriously.


1st time didn’t work out too well.. Neither did the second.


My first college was located in Athens, Ohio. Due to last minute financial issues, I had to out and out pack up my stuff from dorm and get out of there five days before the winter semester. I was so excited for the second semester – I hadn’t adjusted well initially to  this whole “college thing” and took waaay too many credit hours, thinking that with all my wit and intelligence that I could totally do it all on top of having a part-time job. Big fat NOPE to that one. This second semester I toned it down a bit and scheduled classes I would enjoy — hunt-seat horse back riding, for instance. I wanted to join the equestrian team. At the time, I was also a psychology major, and I was going to be a research assistant in a lab on campus (I was pretty pleased that I was the only freshman involved.) 


College numero dos was just to continue my education. I didn’t like it as most of the people there were just present to get a pretty piece of paper and get out. No one was interested in forming a community or having intellectual conversations. I felt very alone, and was glad when I finally found out Muskingum’s decision – I was accepted!

Having grown up in this area, I never saw myself attending college here. No, I’m not even living on campus – I’m at home with my mom and bazillion pets because that’s more affordable right now for me. (Definitely not what I saw myself doing as I was graduating from highschool in ’12, but life rarely turns out how you want it. It deals you a set of cards, and you figure out how to make the best of them.) However, despite not having this full “college experience”, I am still having a blast. I’ve made new friends, I like my new classes, and my professors and the staff here are so helpful and friendly that it’s absolutely astounding. I can’t wait to see what other stuff I get involved in and how I get to evolve as the next few years are sure to fly by. 

It really looks like the 3rd time is the charm. 🙂

Have a great week everyone! 


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  1. Did you go to OU in Athens?

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