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A Day in the Life of a Muskie

IMAG0962          7:30 am   a new day begins, ready for going class.  sky is so beautiful!

IMAG0965       8:00am   I was on managerial accounting.

IMAG0954  9: 15am   I was starving after class!  I can’t wake up early on morning, so I often have breakfast after class of 8:00am

IMAG0966   9:30 am  I went to Library.  Enjoy my morning study time. 🙂

IMAG0967  12:00 am  I can’t check my print balance and can’t solve the problem by myself.  So I’m looking for help to Computer and Network Services in SC.

IMAG0968   1:45PM I finished all classes today,but it was raining so heavy! I didn’t take umbrella!

IMAG0969    2:30pm   it was still raining. I’m so sleepy and really wanna get to sleep. I ran to my house. BTW,can you see the Chinese national flag there?


IMAG0970    4:00pm    wake up from the “too long nap”. I love my bed!!!


IMAG0971     5:30PM   After dinner. I went to WH practicing playing piano. I’m not a professional performer but I have learned playing piano for more than 10 years.  I gave up playing it during my college time because in my home university, only professional performer can use piano room.

IMAG0972     7:00PM  doing my homework in classroom of WH.

microMsg.1378428561687    9:15 PM   doing exercise in bottom of CC.


That’s one day life of a muskie!!!! Do you like it ?? haha




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