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Child’s Play: Gaming With a Cause

As you may have guessed, I happen to be a big nerd/geek/highly enthusiastic person. Naturally this has lead to my participation in many of the “Geek Clubs” on campus: Anime Club, Game Club, and Mindset (a group centered around table top role-playing games), which have been a great enrichment to my life on campus.

Last Wednesday the three clubs came together to sponsor a Child’s Play Charity Night. For those not in the know, Child’s Play is a charity that donates video games and consoles to children who are in hospitals for extended amounts of time due to surgery or treatment, started by the creators of webcomic Penny Arcade, which likewise focuses on gaming.

No video game-based charity event would be complete without gaming, of course! Our main event was a Super Smash Bros. Melee (a combat based Nintendo game for the 64) tournament, which let us draw in a lot of attention. Twenty-two people participated, and it was fun to see different people show off their strategies! I lost in the first round, but at least it was to the tournament winner, so at least that helped me save some face.

There were also a number of other game consoles set up along with board games for people to get into. We even ended up forming a table around most of the Pokemon players on campus, which was super fun! Through donations, we ended up raising $134 for Child’s Play, which we can all say we’re excited for the receiving kids on our part!

I think this event was a great way to show how the teamwork of multiple groups and be put towards a super great cause! I hope that all the clubs decide to pull something like this together again so that we can show just what we geeks are capable of~!


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