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It’s finally getting cold!

Hey everyone,

It’s mid-October and it’s now starting to get actually cold. Like, really cold; at least for me it is. The weather here is a little weird, but I think I got the hang of it now. I was used to this kind of weather starting up in late December, so this really took me by surprise. It’s a really nice change of pace from back home, so I’m pretty glad, even if I am shivering more often. This week is also the start of Humans Versus Zombies, pretty much a giant game of high-stakes tag, which is being put on by one of the clubs on campus. I’m still not that solid on all of the details, but it seems like it’ll be fun, considering it has zombies, which is fitting considering how soon Halloween is. Speaking of, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing on Halloween, but I am sure that I’ll be watching at least two scary movies that day, even if I do have a class at 8 am with Dr. Normansell. Some of my friends have been telling me about how it might start snowing soon; I feel like they’re pulling my leg, considering how much I want it to snow since I’ve never really seen any for about three years now. Some old friends back home going to Northern Arizona University, high up in the Colorado Plateau, managed to get snow fall a week ago, I think. I almost went to school there, but Muskingum was the obvious better choice.

I think it’s now safe to say that I’m totally comfortable with living up here in the Northern Midwest. I do sometimes miss the sunrises and sunsets of back home, but there’s so much here that makes up for it.  Being in the middle of nature is so much better than being stuck in a massive, polluted city. I’ve seen deer on campus even, which was something pretty shocking, to say the least. There’s also lots of ways to get involved and get in touch with my family back home, in a sense. Last week, Spanish Club held a party for Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican holiday which is used to honor the dead. Since I’m a member, they asked me to help decorate to make it look authentic and make salsas to go with the food. I think if my Abuelo Cortes was still alive, he would have been pretty proud of me making his signature guacamole perfectly so far north.

I think I’ll post a “Day in the Life” next week, considering everyone else has been doing it; wouldn’t want to feel left out or anything.

Keep it real everyone, and Happy Tuesday.

– Jose C.

The Mem/Moore hill is the best workout on campus, by far.

The Mem/Moore hill is the best workout on campus, by far.


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