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Go Greek Y’all

Bid Day last semester we went bowling. I am in the middle of two of our new members, Maddie and Katie

Bid Day last semester we went bowling. I am in the middle of two of our new members, Maddie and Katie

As bid day roles around the corner, sororities and fraternities on campus are anxiously awaiting their new members. I am so pumped! You may have guessed it, but it is Rush Week at Muskingum.

This is an exciting time of year for Greek Life. This week all Freshman and independent students who are interested in being a part of Greek life are attending “parties” and events to help them decide which organization to join.

At Muskingum it is a very different process between fraternities and sororities. However in either sense, the purpose of this is not to pay for friends or have cool shirts rather to become a part of a brotherhood or sisterhood, joining together in something that is much bigger than oneself.

Saturday, or Bid Day, is known as Christmas on Campus because that is what it feels like for the members of Greek Life, Christmas. How great it is then that we get to experience Christmas twice a year! Getting new members is the best present any of us could ask for. (Yes, I am attempting to speak for the collective whole here)

Looking back it is hard to think that I pledged my sorority, Chi Alpha Nu, nearly three years ago. Going Greek, as they say, is the best thing that I could have done and it has forever changed my life. Being a part of this sisterhood is the biggest blessing I have gotten. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t always roses and sunshine, but it is the best choice I have made in my time here.

Being a part of the Greek Community here at Muskingum has got me more involved than I ever though I could be. In Greek Life we are producing leaders and I am proud of what it has done to help my education and experience while in College.

Thanks Guys and happy Hump Day!



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