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let’s make dorm home

Dorms in Muskingum include Kelly Hall, Moore Hall, Thomas Hall, Memorial Hall and Lakeside Houses. Not like other Halls, Lake side Houses are a row of independent houses along the Muskingum lake, which include German House, French House, Spanish House, International House and TA’s.

I have this luck to live in International House after I come to Muskingum. To be honest, this house is not as colorful as other Lake side Houses, but I’m really satisfy with that because I never imagine a “house” can be a university’s dorm.

In my home university, student dorms are 6 floors buildings which girls’ and boys’ are definitely separate. You may can’t believe in China, boys are absolutely not allowed to enter girls’ dorm, the rule is same to girls. So can you imagine that when every semester begins, I must carry my entire luggage up to 6th floor without my boyfriend’s help and without elevator (laws requiring elevator for buildings higher than 8 floors)?

20110427071  dorm in home university

495B48913C627DA2D8545E089DD40BD7 dorm of Lakeside 127

Here is the international House. I have 8 roommates. 6 boys are living upstairs and two girls live in downstairs.


Enjoy our campus life!


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