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Welcome to Muskingum University

Today I want to show you what Muskingum looks like.

When you come to our school you will see our school name Muskingum University


Keep going, and on you right side is the President’s Mansion:


Then, besides the building is Walter Hall. The first and second floors are dedicated to the Music Department. The basement houses the Modern Language Department and our PLUS Program for students with learning disabilities. This is also the youngest building at our school.


Our main academic buildings are around the Quad Center.

This is Montgomery Hall, the house for the administrative offices and classrooms.


This is Brown Chapel, used for Chapel at 11:00 am on Thursdays during an all campus common hour. Brown Chapel is the primary music performance facility.


This is Boyd Science Center. Built in 1971, if you are biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics and computer science, physics and engineering departments, this is for you. It also has the modern language department and the computer center. The fourth floor is also the new home for Muskingum’s new nursing program.


This is john Glenn Gymnasium. The lower gym is used for additional practice space, wrestling practice room, swimming pool and locker rooms.


Recreation Center, in the John Glenn Gymnasium

This is Cambridge Hall. It now houses the departments of English; History; Economics, Accounting and Business; and Social Sciences. The offices for the college newspaper (The Black & Magenta) and yearbook are located on the ground floor, and the top floor is home to the Muskingum University Center for Child Development.


This is Caldwell Hall. For Muskingum’s speech, journalism and theatre programs, and graphic arts initiative.


Library: Our Library now moved into Cambridge Hall. This is the old one.


Paul Hall: the oldest building on campus. Houses the music department and practice rooms.


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