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4 Weeks to go

I feel like I’m at the half way point for the semester, since Thanksgiving is four whole weeks away. With that giant landmark ahead of me, it’s getting so easy to simply not work and just relax until then so I can go hang out with my best friend in Pennsylvania for the week. I do wholly know better though, so I’m working twice as hard to make sure that nothing ruins my trip. The total downside is that I actually am working twice as hard, so it’s a little hard to have any free time, which is why I’m posting this pretty late. To have something to do in my downtime though, I have Human vs Zombies to fall back on. Basically, it’s like a giant game of freeze tag with humans and zombies. Humans can freeze zombies by hitting them with marshmallows or socks and zombies are then ‘stunned’ for fifteen minutes in the event they’re hit. It’s something really fun to do in between my classes and hanging out in the quad, and it’s good cardio when I have to chase down humans to turn them (I became a zombie today because I got careless).

Things seem like they slow all the way down now that the weather is consistently cold, unlike a few weeks ago. I’m still not too phased by it, although some mornings I do feel like my face is going to fall off from the sheer cold of the air, but it’s not currently as bad as I thought it was going to be. There’s also nice heating inside every single building and Brewed Awakenings for coffee on Thursdays, so staying warm has not been a problem yet. I’m still being warned to brace myself for winter, but since it’s not here yet, I’m still not worrying about it. I’ll be missing a white Christmas, but I’ll be on the warmer asphalt if my native Phoenix for that.

One thing that I have noticed that I’m lacking on since I got here was getting involved with arts. I haven’t written much at all in the novel I’m working on, I’ve taken maybe five photos that I want to use in a portfolio and I have found very little new music. However, my roommate Garret managed to get a copy of Twenty One Pilot’s first album and he’s been playing them so much that they grew on me very quickly. They have a very odd sound, like they’re channeling multiple different genres, but it all fits. My best friend Randy, who currently attends Johnson and Wales Providence, also recently turned me on to some Pop Punk like Sparks the Rescue and The Story So Far, so I have them to listen to as well. I think I’ll start getting back into my two major artistic fields sometime this week if I have any time, and I’ll even share some of the photos on here.

I have to get to studying for an exam tomorrow now, until next time y’all!

– Jose C.

Phone shot of yesterday's sunrise; Rise and Shine!

Phone shot of yesterday’s sunrise; Rise and Shine!


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