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Bronies and Caramel

The past few days have been interesting with all that zombie madness out there, but I’m sure there will be more about that later. For now, I’d like to focus on the less cataclysmic topic of apples.

The Muskie Bronies had our first event this semester, which was a caramel apple giveaway on the quad.

For those of you wondering just what a Brony is, I’ll elaborate in the simplest way possible. You know what My Little Pony is? Well, there are people outside of the expected elementary school girl age range that think it’s the bomb, which it totally is. Those people are called Bronies. Simple, the end, as long as you don’t think of it too hard.

But back to the apples. This whole event has been a pretty interesting endeavor. Aside from gathering all the supplies, we got the bright idea of making them ourselves. On Friday we all gathered in Finney lobby and experimented with just what it takes to melt caramel, get it on an apple, add some toppings, then pack it up properly. It went surprisingly smoothly and expectedly messy, but we were able to produce a hundred apples in four hours are so.

I definitely can’t say it wasn’t a new and fun experience.

Today was the day we finally gave them out on the quad, and it went over extremely well! We had expected to have our setup out for two hours, but we cleared out our entire stock in just one! We even managed to pull in some donations for our charity outing next month.

As part of our goals as a club is, in fact, spreading joy to the campus, I feel like we succeeded today and also got some good publicity out there for the group. Hopefully we can do more events like this as we continue to grow as a club. And if anything, this shows the great variety of clubs we have on campus!

As a bonus note here’s a picture of my favorite pony, Fluttershy (sadly, Discord doesn’t count).



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