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Four years

I scheduled my last semester of classes at Muskingum on Monday. I’ve found, rather frequently, that these lasts leave me with a bittersweet feeling. I’ve also been reflecting a lot on my four years at Muskingum and what I’ve accomplished.

In 4 years at Muskingum, I’ve:

  • Taken 52 classes (including the ones I just scheduled and haven’t actually taken yet).
  • Bought approximately 104 textbooks, although I haven’t actually used that many.
  • Given approximately 100 hours of documented community service, although there’s been a lot I forgot to document.
  • Held a position in three organizations.
  • Been involved in a sport…for about a week.
  • Taken a lot of naps. Especially freshman year.
  • Received a couple of scholarships in addition to the ones I’d been granted annually.
  • Received some special awards and recognition.
  • Made friends…a lot of friends.
  • Lost some friends, and got over it.
  • Gained hundreds of thousands of sisters.
  • Had a considerably smaller number of Polar Pops than the average Muskie–I’d say no more than 20.
  • Gone sledding, one of the biggest perks of Muskingum’s skills.
  • Mourned the loss of Turducken.
  • Pushed myself, and slacked off.
  • Skipped class.
  • Questioned my goals in life.
  • Declared two majors…and stuck with them.
  • Added two minors. Dropped one.
  • Gone to chapel.
  • Taken a lot of photographs.
  • Stayed up late, though I’ve never pulled an all-nighter.
  • Made lots of memories.

Overall, these four years have been more meaningful than many of my previous years. I’ve gained a better sense of who I am and where I’m going, I’ve made friendships that genuinely have the potential to last a lifetime, and I’ve worked my butt off. Most importantly, though, I’ve had a lot of fun and made the experience what I wanted it to be. That’s the real appeal of college, or at least this college…you can make your experience anything you want. You can be who you were or be someone entirely new. It’s a clean slate and a stepping stone to the future–any future–that you want.

Make sure it’s worth it!
Have a great week,


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