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Muskies for the Military


PFC Goodrich, his wife Kelley, and Myself at his Farewell Party Sunday

For those of you that read my blog, I have mentioned before that I am putting together a fundraiser to raise money for the troops.

The day is finally near! This Saturday the small group from my communication class is hosting a costume run on campus. There is an entry fee, but all proceeds will go to benefit the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) as well as the Wounded Warrior Project.

One thing that I’ve heard people say is, “Well I don’t have a costume.” I don’t care! I have encouraged all people to come and participate anyway. One things that I love doing as a student is trying to get the community members involved as well.

It feels great when the people who live in New Concord get involved with what is happening on campus at Muskingum; one of the advantages of a small school in a small town. The Chief of Police, Trevor Hayes, even said he looked forward to coming.  (Now that I’ve put it on the Internet, hopefully he will positively be in attendance.)

Although this is a project for my Communication class, it’s impact reaches further than that. We are hoping to raise both money and awareness. This is probably the best assignment I have been given in any of my classes.

A few local soldiers were originally going to come in uniform to show support for the cause. Unfortunately within the last couple weeks they have been deployed. This includes someone who is a personal friend to many of us on campus and a husband to one.

As a campus, when we can be personally involved with something, it creates a great outcome. I cannot wait for Saturday. I am so happy to say that my grade for class depends on this, because it is an amazing way to learn as a student and grow as a person.

Have A Great Week!



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