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Results of My Rush Week

Yes, yes, I’m still going on about going greek; I figured you might as well know a little bit more on how it works. 

Last Wednesday I had narrowed it down to 4 sororities. I attended each of their “parties” –  really, it was just 45 minute long “get to know you” kind of things. Each one offered different activities – and I suppose one did turn into a dance party with quite a bit of twerkin’ goin’ on. I received my invitations back to their final parties the next day, and then narrowed it down to three parties which I attended Friday evening. 

We were told to dress like we were going to a cocktail party – I’d take any excuse to wear some heels (despite often epicly failing at walking normally, let alone in any type of heel). It was quite estrogen and emotion filled – happy tears of those who had found home and were eager to bring more sisters into their sorority. They each did something special for their potential sisters, which I won’t disclose so that I won’t ruin it for any future rushees. At the end of the night, I felt uncertain. Each group of girls was wonderful in its own way – from loud and goofy, to quiet and sincere. It took me a few hours, but I decided on one: Alpha Sigma Alpha. I stayed up until 3 o’clock in the morning, giddy with excitement.

I did what they called “suiciding”. On the day of receiving your bid card, you can write up to 3 preferences for sororities. You turn that in, and the sororities decided whether or not they want YOU. If you only write one, you are betting that the sorority will choose you. If not, you’re stuck and don’t get to join a sorority that semester.If you had written down more than one preference, you could have joined your second or third choice.If rejected, you could possibly receive an open bid from another sorority in the future. (Open bids are when a sorority invites you to join them without having to go the rushing process – which is a pretty awesome and food-filled, and I love food. A lot.)

I was waiting until 10:30 AM – two and a half hours. And once they put the card in your hand, you’re not allowed to flip it over. It was there, in my hand, and I couldn’t even flip it. The nervousness had only hit hard me ten minutes before, but when I finally flipped it – ASA invited me! I rushed up the hill and embraced my new sister. The joy is quite palpable – you embrace people you don’t even know yet. 

I’m still getting to know my 42 other sisters(which is a bit nerve racking, since I’m quite shy and it is a huge group) but I couldn’t be more excited to find a home away from home. 🙂 Image

My friend and I on the final night of parties – she chose a different sisterhood than I, and she’s extremely happy as well! ❤Image

We went to a all-greek lunch with a photo booth and a dude who sprayed our hats with lady patterns and our letters. 


And finally, here are all my beautiful, goofy sisters in front of the ASA house! 


Ladybug love,


P.S. – some of the photos looked like they cut off a bit in the preview. :/ Definitely not trying to cut anybody out! 



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