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Last week, I introduced the academic buildings to you. This week, I want to introduce the Residents halls.

We have Lakeside Houses, which are near the lake. There are lots of houses, such as The International house, The Germany houses, and The French house. Lakeside Houses are individual houses where 6-14 students live together.

We also have Finney Hall, which have is on the same side as the Lakeside Houses. Finney Houses 130 co-ed students. Each floor has a kitchen as well as a small utility room. The rooms feature studio couches that convert into beds. The lounge area and recreation room have a piano, ping pong table, vending machines and TV.


Kelley Hall, was named after the wife of the former college president. It houses 240 men and women on alternate floors. It has a Lounge with study area, piano and TV. There are Kitchens with ironing boards on each floor. Patton hall and Kelley are together, so it also supports Dining Hall for East Hill.


Patton Hall: One of the two dining halls on campus is on the first floor of Patton Hall, and connected to it is Kelley Coffee House—dining during the day, a lounge area in the evenings, and a common venue for campus events and activities on weeknights and weekends. The top three floors of Patton are co-ed residential areas.


Moore and Memorial are both a single-sex residence hall for men and women. Memorial also share a sand volleyball pit!


Thomas: Houses 150 men and women on alternate floors. The West Hill dining facility is located here. Game room, laundry room and wide screen TV are located on the ground floor.

Stag Club:

“In 1909, five men joined to form a club which drew its members from those who believed in brotherhood and tradition. They chose their name from the one creature, which, more than any other, represented the principles of this club. Without the vision of these five men, the Stag Club would not have existed on this campus for the past 87 years. In 1948 the Stag Club built its magnificent house which overlooks campus.” (School Web)



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