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Shunning Thanksgiving

Fall and winter probably has the most occurring holidays when compared to the other two seasons. However, it seems that every single year in the F & W bundle, one holiday always seems to get skipped over: Thanksgiving.  It seems as if department stores spend all of their time and money promoting blood stained ghoulish masks and nonstop showings of Thriller on MTV for Halloween, then immediately put that same energy towards hearty white-bearded St. Nicholas and Rudolph and the gang, playing Frosty the  Snowman on the intercom every hour on the hour. Yet, no seems to acknowledge the significance of Thanksgiving. It’s more than amazing food , the Pilgrims landing on Plymouth or the story of Squanto. Thanksgiving is a day where people do just what the name says: give thanks! People use this day in particular (though this should be done every day) for valuing everything that do have in their possession, like good  health or a  stable home or family that loves them unconditionally. That fact that no physical gift is passed to you should not cause you to turn your back on this special holiday. It really bothers me that people just do not seem to value Thanksgiving , though it happens every single year like the other ones.

So as you get ready to endure these last few weeks of work/tests/projects/papers until November 28th comes, I challenge you this:  take a little time each day and be appreciative of something that you do have, because someone out there is not so lucky and probably hoping that they had that very thing or person you take for granted.  When I go back home to Canton, I look forward to family time, relaxing and my grandma’s cheesecake and sweet potato pie [Hey, nothing wrong with wanting a home cooked meal and yummy dessert! :)]

Have a great week!



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