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3 Exams: 1 Week: HOW TO SURVIVE!

College can be fun and exciting–I think anyone who experiences this can agree (especially students at Muskingum). College, at the same time, can be stressful. For example, that week out of the semester when you have three exams! :/ This is my week this week. I have a biology exam Wednesday, and an Anatomy exam and Lifespan Development exam on Friday.

Here are my top six tips for surviving those horrid weeks (and hopefully I can take some of my own advice this time). πŸ™‚

Professors usually give out syllabi that include dates of approximately when each of your exams will be. Make sure that as you are getting farther into the material you have been learning that you check to see when that exam may be. While doing this, study a few times throughout the week as you learn new material so you are not cramming the night before the exam. GET A PLANNER! This will help you manage your time and be able to visually see when exams are coming up and may motivate you to start studying sooner.

It is important when you are in college to find a good balance between your academic life, athletic life and social life (again this is where a planner may come in handy). Plan your night out in your head during a break in between classes so you know exactly what you will be doing later on–designate so much time for homework and studying in the evening and give yourself a certain amount of time to hang out with friends etc. A good technique that I use when I have a lot of exams within one week is I will study one subject for a certain amount of time, and then switch to another subject and study that material. This way I can study for longer periods of time, but I am switching up the material so my brain stays fresh.

This is something that I am VERY guilty of! Even though it may seem like you need to study for hours on end the entire week, remember that your brain does need a break every now and then. Take 30 minutes each night in the middle of your study time and go see a friend, watch some TV…whatever will help you refresh and relax for a small break.

A few weeks back I posted an article about eating healthy in the dining hall–this would come in handy here. Your brain is going to work a lot better, and you will find yourself a lot more rested if you are eating well. Avoid those greasy foods and large quantities of sugar that are just giving your body short bursts of energy. Feed your body foods that will help you remain awake and focused all evening long!

And neither is cramming for that matter. I know students who stay up all night before the big exam drinking cup after cup of coffee trying to learn in one night what should have been learned weeks ago. I’m not going to lecture on the negative effects of these two things, but just know that the crash that comes with lack of sleep and excessive amounts of caffeine is one that no one should want to experience before their exam.

If you studied as hard as you could and you know you did your best, then show it! Wake up the morning of your exams and feel ready to kick its butt! Nothing works better than believing in yourself!

I hope you all find this helpful and can use it to your advantage no matter what college you choose in the future! Have a good week everyone!

Ashley πŸ™‚


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