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Casual Amity


My view of Main Street, New Concord on my walk to Class

Lets talk about relationships this week. There are many types of relationships: those you share with significant others, your friends, and even professional relationships between your employer or professors. 

In each of these relationships, we conduct ourselves differently. No matter how it is spun, college is the best time of our lives for relationships to blossom. 

While I was in high school, I was always told to forget about romantic relationships because going to College, everything would be new, open, and a fresh start. I took that advice seriously because a fresh start is great and can be hard to come by.

Being at Muskingum has given me the best relationships I could have ever asked for. Such a small school forces a person to get to know everyone.  That is not a bad thing at all.

At Muskingum, I have gained sisters, a boyfriend, best friends, and really great people that I can count on. I am not saying that I am close with everyone on campus, but I sure do know a lot of names and have the confidence that I could start a genuine conversation with any one of them. After all, we have the most important thing in common- we are Muskies. 

I even have been amazed with the relationships that have developed with the faculty and staff. After three years of working at the Campus Library, it is safe to say that I get along great with all the librarians, My boss most of all.

I even feel confident in discussing my work with my professors. They take an interest and it truly helps me prosper. 

Relationships are being formed all over the world right now. I’m glad to be in the community that I am.

Call me a Muskie,

Ali (:


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