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How to Survive a Semester

It’s about to be the end of my first semester at Muskingum. It’s different than the other college I’ve attended – I feel a bit less pressured. But, the end of the semester DOES mean I have finals, finals, and guess what? More finals. Below I shall list some tips on how to survive your semester.

1. Budget your time. Procrastinating is the worst idea possible. Really. I would know (I do it all the time). It’s a hard habit to break. The way to get around this is to section out pieces of time for each project/homework/test/social activity/philanthropy/work/whatever the heck it may be each day. Buy a planner and actually USE IT. It may even be better to buy a cheap little dry-erase board calendar at Wally World for your dorm or room at home.

2. Take advantage of your resources. We have a tutoring center that’s absolutely free. Professors always have office hours that you could visit them in, OR you could arrange another time to meet with them and get help. Reach out to your peers and form a study group – that way you can get social time and study time.

3. Avoid studying at night. Don’t be a vampire! At Muskingum, classes are early. You will get tired at night. Do it during the day when you are still at least somewhat energized; that way, you’ll get done quicker and your answers are more likely to be correct. 

4. Organize your papers! Have a folder for each class. Get nerdy with some highlighters and that planner. It really sucks when your grade gets lower purely because you were messy, not because you didn’t do the work. (I know this from experience).

5. If you’re doing badly in a class that isn’t necessary for your major, make sure you withdraw before it’s too late. It can seem kind of embarrassing, but it’s better to do that than take a blow to your GPA.

6. Finally, take time to relax! Sounds weird, right? Studies have shown that we NEED down-time. (If you don’t believe me, google it.) Distraction from studies (occasionally, mind you) is a good thing. If you are completely, intensely, FURIOUSLY focused on your studies you are going to get worn out. What happens when you get worn out? Nothing. Unless you count a day in bed watching Netflix an accomplishment. If you are really itchin’ for a Buffy marathon on Netflix, budget out time on that handy dandy planner I mentioned above to do it so it won’t interfere with a nice, shiny A on that next paper or exam.

Have a great week, guys!



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