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How Do Yuo Know The Fall Is Coming


Today was nice day, I passed the playground where behind John Glenn Gym. The preschool kids playing, and a cute dog passed them, they all came near the fence and look. There are lot of cobweb around fence, and a squirrel jump into police office roof.

When the wind blows, leaves start to fall from the trees, I try to catch them,  and I realized, the fall will gone, and the winter will coming. When I was little, Mom asked me: “how do you know when fall is coming.” I always said:” when the leaves change color, I know fall is here.” Look around me, look at the fall colors, there are lots of different colors, red, orange, yellow, and green. I keep walk to the quad, and I like stomp on the leaves-crunch! I saw a kids kick the leaves, all the fall colors fly back into the air. I pick up some leaves on the ground and set down on the grass. It’s little wet, but the sunshine still make me feel warm. I looked the leaves I picked, some leaves are very small, some leaves are big, some leaves have smooth edges, and some leaves have pointy edges.

When I look up to the sky, the cloud look like sea wave, and I saw the wild goose fly passed me. The formation goose flying look like Chinese word. My teacher told me they need keep warm so they fly together. And some little birds’ sparrow try to find some food on the ground. They use their ….to peck the leaves and grass.

When I back to dorm, I also saw the people rake leaves up, because there are too many leaves covered the ground.


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