Event Preparations (Just another add-on to crazy college life)

Things have been getting pretty busy lately with all the work that’s been coming up. Aside from tests I have to do this week, my main focus has been on pulling together the finishing touches on Anime Club’s Karaoke event that’s going to be this Friday.

There’s actually a lot that goes into planning these events. The past month we’ve been meeting as a group, deciding on decorations, figuring out where to get and operate our equipment, and picking out door prizes. It’s been a lot of sometimes stressful work.

Today we finally went up to a Japanese market called Tensuke up in Columbus to buy some prizes to raffle off during the night of the event. Tensuke has a lot of interesting goods and foods imported straight from Japan, so we really stocked up! Most of us ended up buying things for ourselves while we were up there. It was a lot of fun and worth the drive!

There’s still a lot to do to make sure the event goes smoothly, but at least that’s one thing we get to mark off the checklist! Now to get everything else ready for Friday~


Here’s most of us eating at Tensuke’s restaurant! The food is always great whenever we go up!


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