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The end is near

As a senior English major, my senior seminar consists of writing a 25 to 30 page paper about a book.
The book that I wrote about was Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. I recently turned in my 25-page draft, and I simply have some revisions and a 7-minute presentation before I complete my English major entirely.
Writing 25 pages sounds like a pretty difficult task, especially when you don’t have anything written. But, as with most of the seminar classes at Muskingum, the professor did a great job of breaking it into segments so it wasn’t quite so daunting.
The first three weeks of the class was dedicated to rereading the novel and discussing parts of it as a class. After that, we no longer had to meet in class and could use that time to begin research for our paper.
We first turned in a concept of what we wanted to do for our paper and a list of potential sources. We then refined that so that we had a working thesis and added some more sources to the list. We then did an outline, and then our first 10 pages were due. The hardest part, in my opinion, was the outline. Once I successfully had the outline structured and knew what I was doing for each part, the writing came pretty easily. I wrote my last 15 pages in a matter of hours, and now I just have some fairly simple revisions to do.

The scary part, for me anyway, is the presentation. I’m not a big fan of public speaking–I hate it. Someone once told me something that has sort of stuck with me, though. I have spent an entire semester working on this project. I know more about this paper and its contents than anyone else does. I’m the most qualified person to speak on it. So, I shouldn’t be nervous. I still am, but I know that it’ll be alright. I’m just looking forward to having it done and over with and enjoying Christmas break a little before I have to worry about my Digital Media Design seminar in the spring!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

PS: It’s World Kindness Day, so be nice to people! (:


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