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I Know Who Your Big Is ;)

This past Friday,  the actives finally found out who their ASA littles were. Some actives became a twin, gained a set of twins, became grandbigs or great-grand bigs or were just becoming a big for the first (or in my case, second) time. As some of the fellow bloggers who are also Greek explained previously, a Big is an active member that gets paired up with a new member of the sorority or fraternity( that new member becomes their Little).Of course, the littles are clueless about who their Bigs re currently.  The duties of being a Big are very similar to one of an older sibling or a mentor: provide the new member guidance and advice on how to be the best member of the group that they can possibly be, but also to have an extra special shoulder to lean on and the opportunity to create intimate, funfilled memories with each other. After not having my own Little to spoil rotten for the past year or so, I was beyond excited to finally get one of my very own! It’s like Greek  Christmas part 3! Activation cannot come soon enough so my little can finally find out that I’m her Big and how much I love her to pieces!

Happy Monday!


P.S. This will probably as much “typical sorority girl” that I will act.


One Response

  1. Ugh, I can’t wait to find out who my big is! I’m in the middle of pledging ASA. We’ve started into the phase of literally everyone but you coming up and saying “I know who your big is!” I’m sure to some people it’s annoying, but I love it. It just means that soon I’ll have one more person to love, and I’ll wait forever…okay, maybe not forever!

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