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Scary Bomb threat on campus!

Today is my turn to post blog.


The scary thing happened this afternoon as you know; someone had a call to school office said that a bomb existed somewhere.


When I was told about this emergency, I was still in my bed having a nap. These days are windy and I had a bad headache. The guy who told me about that was always funny so I didn’t believe him at all at first! But when I find FBI’s Wifi is just around, I realized something scary really happened!


I rushed out of my house, seeing cars driving away one by one. It just like the scenes happened in movie! One guy lived in my house picked me up and rushed to house of our friends, which is off-campus. We don’t know what to do at first but later we decided to watch movie at home.


Life is like movie. Movie is like life.


Later in the afternoon, I called Valerie and she saved us at last! She gave us a ride to JohnGlennHigh school. We were thirsty and starving, thanks god Pizza and beverage were there.


Now, you guess where I am? We are in Valerie’s house! Enjoy the peaceful night, playing with her cute ,3-year-old son. Every thing is like dream. It seems unreality. How scared I felt this afternoon and how peaceful and happy I’m now.


Hope everything would be OK tomorrow. Hope god bless America.



One Response

  1. It was pretty scary yesterday. But I’m glad everyone was taken care of and that it was just a threat. It really makes me count my blessings. And I’m so thankful for my Muskingum family for coming together to handle this.

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