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Smash Into You.

Aside from being a title to a Beyoncé song, I decided to dedicate this post to something that I’ve recently grown to enjoy: smashing. What is it, you may ask? Well, smashing is very similar to scrapbooking; the main difference is the time dedication and the size of the book. Many people do not currently have the time to place all of their fondest memories in a $15-$20 large book with 150 blank pages to fill. Smashing is more for the scrapbooker that’s on the go or might not be able to think of cutesy titles and catchy phrases on a whim. Smashing is more the individual’s speed: they can design their book as simple or as complex as they choose. In my opinion, there’s a little bit more of a personal connection with a smashbook than a scrapbook.  Think of it as a “visual autobiography”: you can put in anything from your receipt from dinner at Skyline Chili to fabric swatches for that new dress you want to sew to Taco Bell sauce packets to even the Dove candy wrappers with those really nice quotes–seriously, thank you Dove.

Plus, the financial aspect is usually a lot cheaper as well (you can even use a regular composition notebook or spiral notebook instead of a big, bulky scrapbook. There are even Smashbook bundles sold at local craft stores like Michael’s/Pat Catan’s/Hobby Lobby or even the craft section in Walmart.)

So if you’re looking to get into something creative and interesting, try smashing. It’s a chance for you to tell the world page by page about the amazing, wonderful person that I know that you are!

Have a great rest of Monday and a well-deserved break!-Jazmine

A wedding smash page!

A wedding smash page!

Page from one of the smashers in the Facebook group I'm a part of, SMASH*aholics

Page from one of the smashers in the Facebook group I’m a part of, SMASH*aholics


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