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Working Retail This Week

I’ve worked 40.5 hours this week up until today, then another 7 tomorrow morning and afternoon, which is when the new work week starts. I got off of work at 10 Wednesday night, then showed up bright and early Thanksgiving morning (5:30 AM, to be exact). I was there all day so I didn’t really get a Thanksgiving, as my mom works at night and needed the day to get to sleep before she had to return later that night. I’ve been living at my job this past week, but I can’t be more excited for my paycheck. Not only do I get my time and a half for working a holiday, but also holiday pay (an extra five hours added to my check). My feet are sore, I’m tired of early mornings (I’m definitely¬†not a 4:30-5 AM kind of person – unless you mean STAYING up until the time, not awaking at that awful hour), and pumped full of coffee, but my associates have made the long hours much happier. On Thanksgiving, the deli workers made a “Thanksgiving dinner” – I didn’t have it with my real family, but I did enjoy with my co-workers, and it was actually pretty delicious! I was dreading hordes of angry customers, but nope. Most of the early mornings were pretty dead, and when it did get busy in the afternoons it was most definitely NOT the craziness you see videos of online.


Right now, I can just say I’m very thankful for my job and the people with whom I work.

Selfie at 5 AM Thanksgiving morning - I was pretty nervous.

Selfie at 5 AM Thanksgiving morning – I was pretty nervous.


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