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Bomb Threat

So recently here at Muskingum I was sitting at lunch in the dining hall with my friends at roughly 1 o’clock when we all got a text message from Muskingum University’s META alert system (Muskingum Emergency Text Alert). It said that there was a bomb threat and that all students were to leave campus immediately and not return until morning. My first thought was I live three hours away! (Cleveland) and I have to go all the way home and then be back by eight o’clock tomorrow morning for class! Then I heard girls around me wondering what to do because they didn’t have a vehicle to get home. My friends and I walked out into the hallways and that is when it really hit us that this was real. Everyone was running around with all their belongings. I was getting ready to call my mother and let her know I was on my way when my friend said that I could just go with her back to her house. On the way to her house, she and I were wondering what was gonna happen to the students with no cars, or worse the international students who couldn’t go home!!  Luckily for me one of the friends I was eating with lived close (an hour away) and said that it would be fine; or I would not have had a place to go. Luckily Muskingum’s students and faculty are so close that we had students and faculty who lived off campus offering students who had no where to go to stay at their homes. John Glenn high school was also open for students to stay at if they could not find a place. It amazed me how we all banded together in a time of crisis. Even though that bomb threat was a false alarm, I feel safe here on campus knowing that we will all take care of each other.


One Response

  1. This seemed to be one of those events that threw many people into a situation that they never thought would happen. Many people it seemed had a very similar experience, in that they weren’t sure that it was really happening. I find it amazing that everyone is able to work together so well in a time that is hard for everyone. It seems to me that the people of Muskingum University are truly a family.

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