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Get ready for your Winter Break!

Hi, muskies,

Yup! I know most of you have already finished your finals.  While I’m still fighting with them. This week is the most difficult time I have in Muskingum, since the  exams are taken every day from Tuesday to Friday.

Um… Have you made plan for your winter break?  A lot of local people prefer to stay at home and keep company with families during the whole Break. I remembered that when I was in my home university, I’m also one of the “local people”, seldom to travel and just stay at home.  But this winter break is different!

You have already read my blog written during “Fall Break”  which I traveled to Washington DC. This time I plan to travel from Boston to Miami!  Wow, that’s awesome, right?

I miss my family especially my mom so much. Thank god she would come to visit me soon. We would meet at New York on Dec. 23 and stay there for three days. And then would go to Boston by Grayhound and travel there for 2 days until Dec.28.  Then, we plan to take Mega Bus  come back to Philadelphia for 2 days and come to Washington DC on Dec30.

You know last time we went to Washington DC during government shut down time and every museum and library closed. Although we experienced a different time there but still frustrated of not visiting museums, since I just love museums sooooo much!

This would be the first time my mom come to US and I promise that she would be so curious and excited about everything she experience here.

After visit Washington DC, we plan to travel to Charlotte which is in North Carolina. Then go to Atlanta. In there we are going to visit Olympic park, CNN etc….. After that we  go to Orlando! Disney Park is waiting for us and then go to Miami enjoying beach and sunshine there!!

Wow, sounds like a sooo busy Winter Break, isn’t it ?  I have no time to know what really America looks like so far, so, Winter Break must be a precious chance for me to know more about American Culture and People.

Wish everybody have a good Winter Break!



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