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Menopause at 21?!

Today was my last “first day” of classes. Crazy, right?! To think that only four short years ago, I ha just set foot on Muskingum’s campus in itty bitty New Concord, unsure but excited about the opportunities I would experience, the people I would grow to love and lean on during the hard times and my contribution to the Long Magenta line. Who would’ve guessed that I would have stood on the stage at Varsity Revue belting out Alicia Keys to the student body, joined Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha, start up a church youth group program in nearby Caldwell, or experience what I felt like were “hot flashes”?

Yes, you heard me right: hot flashes. Now, as a future registered nurse, I am very aware that this symptom is classically characteristic of menopause–which is something that women that are at least age 50 may endure. Yet, for some reason, I got extremely hot and weakened as if I was one of those women!

Guess I am really 65 trapped in a 21 year old body =P but in all seriousness, this unusual occurrence had become a warning sign to not stress out so much about classes and the ‘what ifs’ or “maybes”. I have to gain more discipline to take better care of my body, my mind and my spirit while still managing my time between classes/ASA/working at the bookstore/volunteering effectively. Whether it be exercise, sister dinners, 45 minute naps, trips to Circle K for a chocolate bar, coloring or simply praying to God, I am committed to have a healthier 2014! Happy Monday!



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