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How was your break?

Hi, guys!

I’m so excited to come back on Muskingum land! New semester begins every one of us could have a new start now. How was your break? Mine is full of challenges and amazing. I can’t wait to tell you my break!


This was the first break after I come to America. My mom visits me and we travel nearly through the eastern part of America.


Our first stop is New York City. New York City is always a legend in people’s heart all over the world. To be honest, I don’t like these kind of big cities because it’s so crowded and really difficult to keep street clean with such a large number of population.


Boston is full of students. I count that there are at least 20 universities located there. Moreover, it’s such a significant place that a lot of historical events were happened in Boston. For example, the Declaration of Independence was first read loudly on the balcony of old state building. We walked through the “freedom road”, experiencing how hard the American’s ancestors fight for the freedom of their country and people.


Philadelphia is no doubt the best city I have ever seen. It’s a big city and so important in American history too. But the atmosphere in it is just like a quite and tidy town (although the city is full of imposing architectures). I went to liberty bell and so on.


WashingtonDC, the capital of USA. We enter the Capitol Hill for the first time. A documentary there let me know for the first time what’s the real meaning of Civil War


Charlotte is a typical small city in South America. We walked through the city just in 2 hours.


The experience in Atlanta is a little bit challenging. We took greyhound to there but when we were dropped off, a policeman come over and told me not to take out my cell phone because somebody would grab it. I was scared but have to rely on using it because we need Google map!


Then Orlando, DisneyLandPark is every little girl’s dream place. I feel I’m old…….. But meet Mick Mouse and all princess in Disney world is also achieve my dream from Childhood.


Miami Beach is fantastic! I can’t tell you the feeling in words but I doubt you would understand me when you enjoy a sunshine afternoon walking through the beach.


I can’t tell all the details of my vacation because it’s thousands of stories. Maybe sometime I can tell you one by one.


Hope everyone has a great new semester!


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