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Liberty Answers #2

FAQ: What are some of the campus events? Are there any cool campus traditions?

One of the coolest traditions we have on campus is our homecoming celebration because of the many fun activities we have going on. We have a homecoming bonfire to crown the homecoming king and queen. There is a parade where many student organizations create a float and pass out candy. A lot of the alumni come back this weekend to revisit their college so it is awesome to be able to meet previous students. There is a talent show featuring our Greek organizations and many individual students so I loved getting to see everyone’s unique talents. There is also a dance that is FREE to students, totally cheaper than high school homecoming, right?

Other events are held on campus each week. Usually, Centerboard, an organization on campus, hosts free student activities on Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes they will bring in a magician or comedian and other times it will just be a night of fun and games. This ranges from playing bingo to win groceries and room decor to having a huge birthday party for everyone including making your own birthday card and decorating your own cupcake!

There are tons of other clubs and organizations on campus as well as Greek clubs,(sororities and fraternities) always looking for new members and would love to see you get involved!

Don’t worry, if you do decide on Muskingum you won’t be bored. There is something for every Muskie! Wherever you decide to go, I encourage you to get involved with extracurricular activities and go to campus events. It helps you meet tons of people, become comfortable with the campus and gets you away from the stress of college life!

So there you have it! Check back next Thursday for a new FAQ! Have a great week, and whatever you decide to do, I know you’ll rock at it!

-Liberty 🙂

**** If you have a question you would like answered by me, an 18 year old college freshman, feel free to tweet it to me @foreverlib3rty or email it to me at lcline@muskingum.edu. ****


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