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The Benefits of a Lighter Workload

I’ve always kind of been an over achiever.

My family has always pushed and encouraged me to be the best I can. That being said, I’ve always worked hard so I could be that best. And while it’s had a lot of positive benefits, such as giving me a good work ethic and allowing me to perform well in school, there’s always been something super stressful about it.

Last semester, I had my senior seminar to work on, the capstone of my college education. Combining that with the rest of my course load as well as my club responsibilities, I had to work really hard to make sure I could stay afloat. In the end, I survived. I had to make a few personal sacrifices, but I made it through.

This semester, I’m rounding out the last of my LAE qualifications and picking up the last few classes I need to complete my English major, as well as the writing track option I’ve been aiming for since I came to Muskingum. In addition, I purposely made this semester as light of a workload as possible for myself.

So far, I like this set up. Not only is it easier to put my all into my studies, it lets me devote more time to the clubs I adore and I have more opportunities to work on my writing. It’s pretty relaxing in comparison to how hard I’ve been working myself since I started college.

I guess if I have any advice to anyone that is a hard worker, I think I want to give a reminder to always make sure to give yourself time to relax so that you don’t overwork yourself. Sometimes taking things easy is a great way to revitalize yourself so you can but more energy into tackling the bigger things later. At least, that’s what I’ve learned from this. Just make sure you keep track of what else needs to be done in your life first!


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