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Working time

I’m finally back in the whole school mindset and it’s so much easier now. I kind of wish I still had the nice weather that I had back home, but I can deal with this. I didn’t think that it would start to get this cold, especially after the whole arctic vortex thing or whatever, but I was so wrong. The one upside that I currently have is that I have a lot more work to do (finally) in my room! Honestly, I’m glad that I have homework and other responsibilities now in this semester; last, I didn’t have much to do ever and it was really kind of a bummer. But now with this semester, I’m doing more and it’s a really nice challenge for me, especially if I want to bump up my GPA higher than it currently is. Open bidding is also coming up, which I need to work at. Hopefully, I manage to get into the greek club that I want to, because that would make my entire semester early.

Along with that, I’m finally fully settled into living in Finney, now that I have all of my posters up. It was getting a little odd being in a room that didn’t have the flag de mi patria up. Now, this place is totes home and everything is how it should be, except with less Mexican food, but that’s something that can be quickly fixed. Also, being on the east hill means that I can get to my classes in Walter a little more easily, even if the walk to the Quad is a little bit longer than it was from Mem-Moore. The exercise is worth though, even in all of this snow, which I still think is the best thing ever.

Right now, it’s time for me to get to work on some artistic projects and my English homework though.

– Jose C.


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